How to Know When My Car Insurance is Due

Many people do not know when my car insurance due. Many people also do not know when car insurance should be extended or the amount of coverage they have.

You need to know that driving without valid insurance is illegal and irresponsible. But some of us get insurance at once when buying a car.

We may not know at all whether our car is insured or not. In this article, you will find out how to see our car insurance company and what to do if the insurance is due.

How To Know The Car Is Insured?

Currently to find out whether our car is insured or not there is a very easy way. Because you only need to visit the MID or Vehicle Insurance Database.

MID has millions of information related to insurance for all cars in the UK. You can even use it for free.

However, if MID does not have your car insurance, then you can do several ways to find out who your car insurance company is. Here’s how:

  1. Check Bank Mutation Report

To find out who our car insurance company is, you can check the bank statement. Later an insurance company will appear and you can contact the company for other details.

  1. Check Email

Usually, the insurance company will send a confirmation email every time there is a premium payment. Look for it in your email inbox.

  1. Take Offers

This is true if you use a comparison site. See if any insurance purchase details are saved.

  1. Request Access to MID

To check with the insurance company, you can request access to the MID. There may be a small fee you have to pay.

When My Car Insurance Due?

To see when your insurance is due or find out the date of renewal of a car insurance policy, you need to look at the insurance document.

The document will say when the insurance will expire. Before that, you must know in advance who your car insurance company is and you can contact them at any time.

Usually, the insurance company will call you or send a reminder email a month before the insurance expires.

Check your email inbox or spam folder. Usually, they will send an email notification and you can find out the expiration date of the insurance from the email.

In addition, the insurance company will also offer an extension price. Maybe you can consider extending the insurance policy depending on the value of your vehicle.

Can Car Insurance Auto-Renew?

In recent years, insurance policies can be automatically renewed. It is quite advantageous that you will always be protected anywhere.

But there is a disadvantage that you experience, namely you can be trapped in uncompetitive prices and you don’t want the deal.

All renewal policies are sure to be automatically renewed. However, you can still cancel the automatic renewal by contacting the insurance company.

How To Save Money So You Can Buy A New Insurance Policy?

The price of car insurance can certainly be different every year. Especially if you don’t know your car insurance company and the insurance has been automatically extended.

Of course, you have to save more to buy a new insurance policy. Here are some ways you can save money so you can buy a new insurance policy:

  • Small cars have cheaper insurance.
  • Security of your car. You can have better car security so you can lower the premium rate.
  • The way you use the car. For example, if you use a car for business or travel, the premium can be even more expensive.
  • This type of third-party coverage is not cheaper than comprehensive. You can consider both to choose cheaper insurance.

The question regarding when my car insurance due has been answered is that you must first know your car insurance company. After that, read the documents related to expired insurance.

You can also check the email regarding when the insurance will be automatically renewed. Make sure you read the document carefully and make sure the premium you pay on auto-renewal is not much more expensive than the previous premium.

Because some insurance companies offer automatic renewal with premium fees that are more expensive than before.

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