2023 Ford Bronco Configurations

The highly anticipated 2023 Ford Bronco is set to make its grand entrance into the automotive market, offering a range of exciting configurations to suit every adventure enthusiast’s needs. With its rugged design, powerful engine options, and advanced off-road capabilities, the new Bronco is ready to conquer any terrain.

1. Two-Door Configuration

The 2023 Ford Bronco will be available in a classic two-door configuration, reminiscent of its iconic predecessors. This compact and nimble setup provides excellent maneuverability, making it perfect for tackling tight trails and narrow paths.

The two-door Bronco will offer seating for up to four passengers, with ample headroom and legroom. Its compact size also makes it a breeze to park and navigate in urban settings.

2. Four-Door Configuration

For those seeking additional space and versatility, the 2023 Ford Bronco will also be available in a four-door configuration. This variant offers a more spacious interior, accommodating up to five passengers comfortably.

The four-door Bronco provides easy access to the rear seats through its rear doors, making it convenient for families or groups of friends. It also offers more cargo space, allowing you to bring along all your gear for unforgettable adventures.

3. Soft Top or Hard Top

One of the most exciting aspects of the 2023 Ford Bronco is the option to choose between a soft top or a hard top. The soft top provides an open-air driving experience, allowing you to feel the wind in your hair and immerse yourself in nature. On the other hand, the hard top offers enhanced insulation and security, perfect for those colder or more challenging off-road expeditions.

Both configurations provide easy removal and installation, ensuring you can adapt your Bronco to any weather or preference. Whether you prefer the classic look of the soft top or the sturdiness of the hard top, the choice is yours.

4. Base Model

The base model of the 2023 Ford Bronco comes equipped with a host of impressive features to enhance your off-road adventures. It will feature a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, delivering ample power and torque.

The base model also includes a seven-speed manual transmission, allowing for precise control and engagement. For those who prefer an automatic transmission, a ten-speed automatic will be available as an option.

5. Big Bend

The Big Bend trim level takes the 2023 Ford Bronco to the next level, offering additional creature comforts and convenience features. It includes all the features of the base model and adds a range of upgrades.

Some of the notable features of the Big Bend trim include remote start, heated front seats, and an upgraded infotainment system with a larger touchscreen display. It also offers more advanced safety features, providing peace of mind during your off-road excursions.

6. Black Diamond

If you’re looking for enhanced off-road capabilities, the Black Diamond trim level is the perfect choice. It builds upon the features of the Big Bend trim and adds several rugged enhancements.

The Black Diamond Bronco includes a heavy-duty modular front bumper, rock rails, and additional underbody skid plates. It also features an advanced 4×4 system with a rear locking differential, allowing for superior traction on challenging terrains.

7. Outer Banks

The Outer Banks trim level of the 2023 Ford Bronco combines style and luxury with off-road prowess. It offers all the features of the Black Diamond trim, along with several aesthetic upgrades.

This trim level includes a signature LED headlight and taillight design, 18-inch wheels with a distinctive finish, and body-color fender flares. The interior also receives a touch of elegance with leather-trimmed seats and a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system.

8. Badlands

The Badlands trim level of the 2023 Ford Bronco is designed to conquer the most challenging terrains with ease. It takes all the features of the Outer Banks trim and adds several off-road-focused upgrades.

The Badlands Bronco includes a front stabilizer disconnect, allowing for increased suspension articulation. It also features an advanced terrain management system with seven G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) modes, enabling you to tackle various off-road conditions confidently.

9. Wildtrak

The Wildtrak trim level of the 2023 Ford Bronco is built for adventure seekers who crave exhilarating off-road experiences. It combines the off-road capabilities of the Badlands trim with additional performance enhancements.

The Wildtrak Bronco features a unique exterior design with a distinctive grille and hood graphics. It also comes equipped with the high-performance 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, delivering impressive power and acceleration.

10. First Edition

The First Edition of the 2023 Ford Bronco is a limited-production model that celebrates the Bronco’s revival. It combines elements from various trim levels, creating a truly special and exclusive configuration.

This top-of-the-line Bronco includes all the features of the Wildtrak trim and adds unique design elements such as a Carbonized Gray grille, First Edition hood graphics, and a safari-style roof. It also comes equipped with advanced features like a 360-degree camera system and a wireless charging pad.


The 2023 Ford Bronco offers a wide range of configurations to cater to every adventure enthusiast’s preferences. Whether you opt for the compact two-door or the spacious four-door, the open-air experience of the soft top or the insulation of the hard top, or any of the available trim levels, the new Bronco is ready to take you on unforgettable journeys.