Bob Ruth Ford: A Trusted Name in the Automotive Industry


Bob Ruth Ford is a renowned automobile dealership located in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. With a rich history spanning several decades, the dealership has established itself as a trusted name in the automotive industry. Known for its exceptional customer service, wide selection of vehicles, and competitive pricing, Bob Ruth Ford has become a popular choice for car buyers in the region.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its establishment in 1983, Bob Ruth Ford has been committed to providing top-notch services to its customers. The dealership was founded by Bob Ruth, who had a passion for automobiles and a vision to create a dealership that prioritized customer satisfaction above all else. Today, his legacy lives on, and the dealership continues to uphold his values.

A Vast Inventory

One of the key reasons why Bob Ruth Ford has gained popularity over the years is its extensive inventory of vehicles. Whether you are in the market for a new Ford model or a pre-owned vehicle, the dealership has got you covered. From sleek sedans to rugged trucks, there is something to suit every taste and budget at Bob Ruth Ford.

Competitive Pricing

At Bob Ruth Ford, customers can expect competitive pricing on all vehicles. The dealership understands the importance of affordability and strives to offer the best deals to its customers. Additionally, they often have special promotions and financing options available, making it even easier for buyers to get behind the wheel of their dream car.

Expert Staff

Another distinguishing factor of Bob Ruth Ford is its team of knowledgeable and friendly staff. The dealership employs experienced professionals who are well-versed in the automotive industry. They are always ready to assist customers, providing them with accurate information, guidance, and recommendations to help them make an informed decision.

Unparalleled Customer Service

When you step into Bob Ruth Ford, you can expect exceptional customer service. The dealership takes pride in ensuring that each customer receives personalized attention throughout their car-buying journey. From the moment you enter the showroom to the after-sales service, the staff at Bob Ruth Ford is dedicated to making your experience memorable and hassle-free.

Service and Maintenance

Bob Ruth Ford not only helps you find the perfect vehicle but also takes care of its maintenance and service needs. The dealership has a state-of-the-art service center staffed with skilled technicians who use the latest tools and equipment to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Whether it’s routine maintenance or repairs, you can trust Bob Ruth Ford to provide reliable and efficient service.

Community Involvement

Bob Ruth Ford is deeply committed to giving back to the community it serves. The dealership actively participates in various philanthropic initiatives, supporting local charities and organizations. They believe in making a positive impact and strive to be more than just a business in the community.

Online Presence

In today’s digital age, Bob Ruth Ford understands the importance of having a strong online presence. The dealership has a user-friendly website where customers can browse their inventory, schedule test drives, and even apply for financing. Additionally, they are active on various social media platforms, engaging with customers and keeping them updated on the latest offers and events.


Bob Ruth Ford continues to be a trusted name in the automotive industry, offering a wide range of vehicles, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to the community, the dealership has earned a loyal customer base. Whether you’re in the market for a new car or need reliable service, Bob Ruth Ford is the go-to destination for all your automotive needs.