Car Insurance United in India
Car Insurance United in India

Car Insurance United in India

India is where you can find many personal vehicles on the roads throughout the country. When you drive there, you will find thousands of other vehicles there. The good thing about vehicles in India is that car insurance for everyone there is mandatory.

The Motor Vehicle Law in India states that a car insurance policy must cover all private cars running on the roads. The car insurance usually will be handled by third-party liability coverage. Car insurance united in India will fulfill the requirements of the third party in their car insurance policy.

The government realizes that car insurance is important for all car owners. That is why all car owners must follow this mandate in India. If you are one car owner in India, you do not need to worry because you can access car insurance online.

Knowing Better About Car Insurance United in India

Car insurance united in India is the basic need of every individual who owns and drives a car in India. This car insurance offers third-party liability and comprehensive car insurance plans as an exit when the car is damaged, or drivers have a car crash.

This United India Insurance is ruled and owned by the government, established in 1972. United India Insurance serves some kinds of different insurance, including health, marine, motor, liability, micro insurance, fire, and credit.

On the other hand, Car Insurance United is, of course, the insurance that focuses on the motor, in this case, cars, as there are huge amounts of private cars in India and many car crashes. Car insurance will be really helpful for car owners because it can cover many things.

Some Features and Benefits of United India Car Insurance

As the government owns this car insurance, the government wants to contribute to making it easier for drivers to deal with the problems that happen regarding their cars. Here you need to know some features and benefits of United India Car Insurance, so you understand it is essential for you as a car owner.

1. Anti-Thief Device

An anti-Thief Device is very important to keep your car safe when you park it in the parking area. It is undeniable that vandalism and theft commonly happen in society. Many cases of stolen items from cars sometimes happen while parked in the public area.

The anti-thief device will give your car protection from those criminal actions. United India Car Insurance usually gives a discount for their clients up to 2.5% when their device is broken. The discount will be granted on the premium amount for car owners who installed anti-thief devices in their cars.

2. No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus is the bonus that United India Car Insurance will give to all policyholders who do not make any claims during their tenure. It is an appreciation for the car owners that they can keep their cars safe and away from danger.

United India Car Insurance usually gives a discount that will be granted when their clients do the renewal. The discount accumulated will be up to 50% and will be given to the insurer as long as they do the renewal within 90 days before the policy expiry date.

3. Coverage Extension

Another feature you can enjoy from United India Car Insurance is coverage extension which can cover more. By paying some premium, you can enjoy the coverage extension that will include geographical area extension, coverage for personal accident cover for people, electrical, fiberglass fuel tanks, and many more.

The coverage extension will make sure that the company’s insurance will take care of the damage that might happen to your car. Then, you can file a claim to get the bill for your car repair.

4. Cashless Repair Facility

The company of United India Car Insurance has more than 456 network garages all around the country. One of the features you can take from this car insurance is that the repair you have in one of the garages of United India Car Insurance will be cashless. Car Insurance United in India is very beneficial because finding one of their garages is not hard.