Ford’s Garage Dearborn: A Must-Visit Destination for Car Enthusiasts
Ford’s Garage Dearborn: A Must-Visit Destination for Car Enthusiasts

Ford’s Garage Dearborn: A Must-Visit Destination for Car Enthusiasts


Located in the heart of Dearborn, Michigan, Ford’s Garage Dearborn is a unique dining experience that combines delicious food with a rich automotive history. This iconic restaurant pays homage to the legacy of Henry Ford and his passion for cars. Whether you’re a Ford enthusiast or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, Ford’s Garage Dearborn is the place to be.

Ambiance and Decor

As you step into Ford’s Garage Dearborn, you’ll instantly be transported to the early 20th century. The restaurant’s decor is reminiscent of a vintage service station, complete with classic Ford vehicles, gas pumps, and authentic automotive memorabilia. The attention to detail is truly impressive, making it a paradise for car lovers.

Delicious Food and Drinks

While Ford’s Garage Dearborn celebrates the automotive heritage, it also prides itself on its mouthwatering menu. From juicy burgers to delectable desserts, there’s something for everyone. Start your meal with their famous “Model “A” Meatballs” or indulge in the “Barnyard Burger” topped with a fried egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Pair your meal with a craft beer or a refreshing cocktail from their extensive drink menu.

The Ford’s Garage Experience

What sets Ford’s Garage Dearborn apart is the immersive experience it offers. The restaurant features interactive games, vintage car displays, and even an old-fashioned barber shop. Take a stroll through the establishment and admire the collection of classic Fords, including the iconic Model T. It’s a true celebration of automotive history.

Events and Gatherings

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, corporate event, or a special celebration, Ford’s Garage Dearborn can accommodate your needs. With its spacious dining areas and private rooms, it’s a perfect venue for hosting memorable events. The staff at Ford’s Garage Dearborn will ensure that your guests have a fantastic time while enjoying the unique ambiance and delicious food.

Location and Accessibility

Ford’s Garage Dearborn is conveniently located at 21367 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. The restaurant offers ample parking space and is situated near other popular attractions such as The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

Plan Your Visit

If you’re planning a trip to Dearborn or are a local looking for a new dining experience, Ford’s Garage Dearborn should be at the top of your list. Immerse yourself in automotive history, savor delicious food, and enjoy a unique atmosphere that only Ford’s Garage Dearborn can offer.

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