Will Car Insurance Cover a Blown Engine or Not?

Car insurance is one of the necessities for any vehicle owner, not only the car but also the motorcycle. Car insurance will cover anything related to car damage, from accident, fire accident, theft, vandalism, anarchy, and anything that could devalue your car, motorcycle, or any registered vehicle. However, there is something that car insurance can’t and will not cover, so make sure you understand this first.

To understand what kind of damage can be covered with car insurance, and what other damage can’t be covered, we need to know the kinds of car insurance. For example, will car insurance cover a blown engine or not? Or do we need a full package for car insurance for it’s to be covered? Below here we are going to discuss what kind of damage can be covered with car insurance.

What Are Accidents And Damage Can Be Covered With Your Car Insurance?

First, before we know what kinds of damage and accident can be covered with car insurance or understand will car insurance cover a blown engine or not, we need to understand about types of car insurance. So, here are types of car insurance with different services, coverage, and of course different prices than the other.

  • Total Loss Only Vehicle Insurance or Partial Insurance

Total loss only vehicle insurance is car insurance that covers only if the car is lost, badly damaged up to 75% damaged, and won’t cover any minor damage, and reparations. If you’re using total loss only insurance, then if your car is scratched, or has its engine blown, the insurance company won’t cover your damage and reparations price.

Generally speaking, if the engine of the car is blown up, the insurance company mostly won’t cover your reparations price, since it isn’t considered an accident, or anything related to accidental damage on your car. So, your insurance company won’t cover your car engine simply because it is blown up, or has a mechanical malfunction that could be prevented by you.

So, to put it simply, total loss only insurance is insurance that can only be claimed if your car is a total loss due to theft, an accident that damage up to 75% damage of your car, and destroyed. However, it won’t cover any minor damage, scratches, as well as blown-up engine though.

  • All risk or Full Vehicle Insurance

Different from total loss only insurance, all risks sometimes also called comprehensive vehicle insurance is all-around insurance that covers up almost anything from fire damage, car crash, theft, vehicle loss, damaged car from anarchy, vandalism, even car engine blowing up. However, certain regulations and rules need to be followed up in this insurance.

So, to put it simply, this type of insurance covers all risks that could be happening in your car and will cover-ups nearly all kinds of damage your car can get, even just minor scratches and engine malfunction can be covered up with this kind of insurance. However, a wider range of coverage and risk protection also comes with a more expensive price.

There are also some limits that you can claim for your all-risk insurance, this is to limit how much reparations money you can claim, and to limit how many times you can claim to repair the damage from your insurance.

So, we are back to the main questions, will car insurance cover our reparations expenses if our engine is blown up? The answer depends on the insurance you own, depends on the damage that causes the car engine to blow up, and depends on your insurance provider regulations.

Most of the time blown-up engines won’t be covered due to the company viewing engine blown up as driver careless attitude to the preventable engine malfunctions, and not viewed as threats or risks that should be covered in insurance. However, there are certain exceptions for that.

Will car insurance cover a blown engine? The only exception when a car insurance company can cover your expenses on the blown engine is when you have a special certain mechanical breakdown that the insurances company can cover. If the damage of the blown engine can be traced due to the recent accident, the insurance company should also cover that, also if there is a warranty, then you can claim your insurance.

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