Will Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage for Your Car?
Will Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage for Your Car?

Will Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage for Your Car?

will car insurance cover flood damageHaving vehicles means that you are ready to take care of and maintain the condition of your vehicles. One way you can take care of your vehicles when unexpected things happen is by having car insurance. With car insurance, you will have a backup when something dangerous happens to your car. 

Besides, natural disaster is a strong reason you have car insurance. The flash flood and heavy rain can turn the road into rivers, which is dangerous for your vehicles. Will car insurance cover flood damage? That question will be hovering in your mind. 

The weather is changeable and unpredictable. That is why heavy rain can suddenly happen and pool the road. That means danger for your vehicles as 12 inches of water can float the car and damage its machine. 

Will Your Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

When a flood happens, and you are stubborn about keeping driving your car, you have to face many possibilities that may happen to your vehicle. That happens a lot to many people because they insist on driving through the flood. 

You might count on your car insurance, but not all policies from the car insurance will cover all the damages caused by the flood. But if you have a full car insurance policy, you can claim for the damage to your vehicle because of the flood. This might happen on one condition you have taken precautions for your vehicle. 

Most car insurance companies put flood damage into two categories: unavoidable flood and avoidable flood. Could you keep reading to find out their details? 

1. Unavoidable Flood Damage

This category describes well by the name. Unavoidable flood damage refers to the damage by a sudden and strong flood that damages your vehicle when your car is parked in the place where it’s usually parked. You have nothing to do to move or save your car before the flood happens. 

This occasion might happen when the water floods your area, and you have stuck there and your vehicle. Car insurance might cover the damage to your cars if this unpredicted accident happens. Check your car’s condition thoroughly to ensure that it gets the maintenance it needs.  

2. Avoidable Flood Damage

Another category is also described well by its name. Avoidable flood damage refers to an avoidable flood for you, but you insist on getting through it. You might insist on driving into the floodwater while on the way somewhere. 

Besides, you do not know how deep the flood is, and you are actually able to avoid the flood, but you just won’t. Six inches of floodwater is more than enough to touch the bottom of your car, and it is possible to give damage your car. When the machine is inside the water, you will never know how terrible the damage is to your car. 

Will car insurance cover flood damage if this is what happens? Because of your careless action, car insurance usually will not accept your claim for this damage. Your car will not be in danger if you do not insist on driving into the floodwater. 

Car Safety Tips in Flooding

After you know two categories of flood damage, you need to know and understand some car safety tips to ensure your vehicle’s condition, especially during the flood. Here are some simple tips you can practice. 

1. Check the Weather Forecast Daily

As the weather is changeable and unpredictable, you need to check the weather forecast every day, especially the weather in your area. Ensure you access the official website or application to check the weather easily. This way makes you prepare sooner if the weather is not friendly. 

2. Take Action Faster

By checking the weather forecast daily, you will know if something bad happens due to the weather. If there is flood prediction, you can take action faster to save your vehicles. You can move your car to a higher place. 

3. Do Not Turn on the Engine

You might still wonder will car insurance will cover flood damage, so to decrease the damage while flooding, do not try to turn on the engine. Do not risk turning on the car engine or keeping going while your area is flooding.